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Sayumi Michishige 「SouSou」OPV

Another Sayumi Video, Clips: SouSou Making of Music: When You're Gone by Avril Tribute to: Sayumi Michishige.

Music model | Swimsuit model Sayumi Michishige |

-Ở đây thỉnh thoảng mình xin đưa lên một đoạn video clip về người mẫu nội y, người mẫu áo tắm bãi biển, người mẫu trình diễn ...

Morning Musume English Lesson (subbed) - Hello Morning 2005.06.26 [HPS & jphip]

Translated by: Japan Rocks and boketaoshi Timed by: Meowchi and Tenkei Editing and Typesetting by: Kuno Encoded by: Draky ...


Sexy asian model Sayumi Michishige's edited video of moi for my fair use of her video. No copyright infringement intended to my ...

Koharu Kusumi Voicing Over an Old Rokkie Clip {Cute!}

An already adorable Rokkie clip getting voiced over by Koha. {From an episode of Haromoni} NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.

Rokkies {Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina} - Y o u ' r e ♥ B ea u t i f u l

An opv of my favorite generation~♥ I love every rokkie; they're all in my top five.♥ The only one separating Sayumi from being ...

MM - Sayumi and the fatal Usa-chan Peace

Sayumi and the fatal Usa-chan Peace.


Sayumi Michishige Swimsuit. Sayumi Michishige On the beach.

Sayumi Michishige loose her mic

Sayumi Michishige : membre des Morning Musume.

K a m e S h i g e OPV // a w a k e {Michishige Sayumi POV}

Synopsis: Sayumi is devastated after learning about Eri's graduation. She was the only one who knew about the secret, so she ...

大森靖子『絶対彼女 feat. 道重さゆみ』(MV)

大森靖子オフィシャルサイト □購入はこちらから ...

♥KameShige ~ Can You Hear Me {OPV}♥

Synopsis: Eri and Sayumi had always been close friends but eventually fell in love with each other. They're both too scared to ...

[OPV]Michishige Sayumi LOVE LETTER Photobook Watashi no Taiyou

An OPV made from the making of Michishige Sayumi's LOVE LETTER Photobook. Music is Watashi no Taiyou.

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