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Should All Rolf Harris Clips Be Banned?

The ABC recently screened a 2009 episode of the British series "Walk on the Wild Side" in which celebrities, including Rolf, ...

Unfortunate Rolf Harris Sketch - Not The Nine O'Clock News

Not The Nine O'Clock News Copyright (C) BBC 1980 I believe posting this clip constitutes a 'fair use' of the copyrighted material.

Liberace Introduces Rolf Harris - Jake the Peg - The Liberace Show

Liberace introducing a solo act on his show seems rather a rarity, but here is Rolf Harris singing Jake the Peg. Look out for right at ...

Rolf Harris "Kids Can Say No" (Full VHS rip)

Segments of this have been uploaded to You Tube, but here it is in full. I found it on VHS in a library archive of child safeguarding ...

Rolf Harris - In The Wet (Original 45)

In the northern, tropical areas of Australia, most of the rain falls over the summer period...the wet season... ...and,. this is what this ...

The Court of King Caractacus by Rolf Harris with lyrics

Lets see everyone dancing :D I don't own the song No copyright intended.

Rolf Harris :: Waltzing Matilda (with lyrics and explanation of them)

Rolf Harris singing waltzing Matilda ... Australias National Anthem (should be), in his charismatic way ... I'm not sure when Rolf ...

The Queen by Rolf

This special, broadcast on BBC One on 1 January 2006, showed the creation of Harris's 80th birthday portrait painting of Queen ...

Crimes That Shook Britain S06 E01 Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris; in March 2013, 83-year-old veteran entertainer and TV presenter Rolf Harris is arrested for historical sexual offences, ...

Bernard Manning on Rolf Harris

The late great Bernard Manning seems to have had Rolf Harris sussed.

Dodgy Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris is dodgy parody video. clips used for entertainment purposes!

The Goodies: A Binge of Goodies

In 1970, The Goodies unleashed their legendary blend of surreal storylines, strikingly topical satire, slapstick and general lunacy ...

Rolf Harris painting

Rolf Harris painting.

Rolf Harris - I Touch Myself

Cover of the Divinyls, performed as part of Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge on the MMM Breakfast Show in 2000.

Tie me Kangaroos down, sport - Rolf Harris

Wills of a dying Australian stockman to his mates.

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