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America's Got Talent 2015 S10E13 Judge Cuts - Kayvon Zand Obnoxious No Talent

Sorry for the delay, Upgrading to Windows 10 didn't go so well. / Kayvon Zand takes his patented extravagance to the extreme.

Kayvon Zand - Home

Music video for Home performed by Kayvon Zand. Site: http://www.KayvonZand.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/KayvonZand ...


Opening/ Closing Piano introduction performed and written by Kayvon Zand. BUY "ONE WAY FLIGHT" on Itunes!

Kayvon Music - Saint Bart (Music Video)

The full version is finally here! Small pieces of this video have been floating around the internet recently and that's how some of ...

The Judges Are In A Bad Mood - America's Got Talent 2017

The judges aren't in the best mood, and the buzzers start flying. » Get The America's Got Talent App: http://bit.ly/AGTAppDownload ...

Alex Hooper: Professional Roaster Insults The AGT Judges - America's Got Talent 2018

The judges are read to filth when Alex takes the stage. Check out his harsh criticisms for Tyra Banks and the judges. » Get The ...

Kayvon Zand Acting Reel

For Client Viewing Only.

Kayvon Zand - One Way Flight (PVH Flight Tracker Remix)

Kayvon Zand - One Way Flight (PVH Flight Tracker Remix) Radio Edit "ONE WAY FLIGHT" written by Kayvon Zand BUY "ONE ...

Kayvon Zand - "ONE WAY FLIGHT" (Song Preview) (Produced by Chew Fu)

To Preview and Purchase Kayvon Zand's "ONE WAY FLIGHT" go directly to link: ...

Anna and Kayvon Zand Wedding Ceremony

Our preacher is Anna's father. Was such a great night to join our family and friends to celebrate us as individuals and as a couple.

StyleLIkeU’s Early Years: Closet interview with KAYVON ZAND

Kayvon tells all about his style and story for StyleLikeU's Closet. Buy Our New Book, True Style Is What's Underneath: The ...

Top 7 Acts JUST WON'T LEAVE! on Got Talent World!

Top 7 Acts JUST WON'T LEAVE! on Got Talent World! 7 Kayvon Zand - You Spin Me Around 6 Singing Souls - Singing Trio 5 Roy ...

Anna & Kayvon Zand Wedding Reception

Our wedding reception! Was so amazing to be joined by family and friends as we celebrated in our own skin. Best day of my life.


My music video was removed from youtube with over 100k views, not sure why, anyhow reuploaded it. Please share and ...

AGGRESSIVE Singer Scares Judges & Security Guards Have To Take Him

AGGRESSIVE Singer Scares Judges & Security Guards Have To Take Him.


In Iran today gay males and females are forced to have their gender reassigned as the regime believes that homosexuality is ...

Anna and Kayvon Zand Wedding Highlights!

Here are the high lights of our wedding! Was so special to have our family and friends together to celebrate us for who we are.

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