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Maybe Maybe - Boram (Live)

Maybe Maybe - Boram (Live)

T ara(My Boram Fav parts in Mvs)

Jeon Boram the Vocalist and Raper of the well known South Korean Girls Group Called T-ara.I just split my faves parts of her ...

Jeon Boram _ After That [Rough English Subs + Han + Rom]

Jeon Boram (전 보람) _ After That (그 후론) [Eng Sub + Han + Rom] Hello guys~ I haven't uploaded any subbed videos in the ...

[T-ARA Daily News] Boram & Mother photoshoot for WOMEN SENSE | Vietsub HD

Video belongs to WOMEN SENSE. #T_ARA #BORAM #TARAdailynews.

Jeon Boram

i thought that I can upload this video tomorrow due to have no classes tomorrow i can post more videos all about T-ARA.

Jeon Boram

Ram lùn unnie.

T - ARA Number Nine「BORAM Compilation」Japanese Ver

Thank you all T-ARA fans who have uploaded great clips.

Jeon Boram / Rambo (T-Ara) singing part

T-Ara's Boram singing parts cut.

T-ARA's Jeon Boram - eating goddess

Despite her petite appearance, she said to be shikshin (식신) - food lover. I love the way she munch her food which is cute. i do ...

T-ara's Boram dance Beyonce's Single Ladies

So cute, she wanted a sexy dance ♥ Not mine.

[Clip] 110503 T-ara Boram & Jeon Young Rok @ Crown Sando CF (60s)

T-ARA 티아라 Boram 보람 Jeon Young Rok 전영록 | 크라운산도.

Jeon Boram (T-ara) - Is It Today [Indo Sub]

dapatkan klip sub indo artis-artis CCM lainnya di

Jeon Boram - Is it today (with lyrics)

This is one of T-ara's Jeon Boram single before debut with T-ara.

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