Declan Galbraith clips – video

Declan Galbraith - Thank you full album 2006

Declan's fanpage: Official website: ...

Declan Galbraith - Young Voices Collection

Declan Galbraith promo with lots of great clips of him singing in concert, and warming up before concerts.

Declan - I'd Love You To Want Me (Video)

Music video by Declan performing I'd Love You To Want Me (Video). (C) 2007 Lama Ani Entertainment Buy/Stream: ...

Declan Galbraith - Where Did our Love Go

Declan Galbraith - Where Did our Love Go - I had some Subscribers lately ask if I had from my Original Y/T Channel some of the ...

Declan Galbraith - Tell me why [ with lyrics]

Declan 'John ' Galbraith , Music Video Tell Me Why , With lyrics.

Declan Galbraith 2007

clips I found of Declan at the airport in 2007.

Declan galbraith - Ego you

[update 2013] Declan's facebook page: [update 2012] after being quiet for a while, ...

Declan Galbraith : An Angel (with Anne Frank clips!)

sorry everyone for making an anne frank video so late, but here it is :) i changed declan galbraiths 'an angel' vid, and putted in ...

Declan Galbraith - An Angel

This is Declan's music video of the song "An Angel". He really does a fantastic version of the song. He was 14 years old. Lyrics: I ...

Tell Me Why-Declan Galbraith ON HD VIDEO CLIP exclusive(Official Video)

Declan Galbraith - Pretty Boy

This is the third montage I made that I uploaded on youtube. It's about the amazing, incredibly talented singer Declan Galbraith, ...

Declan Galbraith || Endlessly [100 sub special]

so I just reached 100 subscribers and I decided to make this video for everyone enjoy.

Declan Galbraith - The best parts of his music career (part 3)

Declan's fanpage: Official website: ...

Declan Galbraith Hitting The High Notes (younger voice)

Declan Galbraith medley. Just Declan hitting those beautiful high notes with that beautiful voice! This video is of songs when he ...

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