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Bobby Goldsboro - Summer The First Time - 1976

Bobby Goldsboro (born January 18, 1941) is an American country and pop singer-songwriter. He had a string of pop and country ...

Bobby Goldsboro - Summer (The First Time)

Bobby Goldsboro - Summer (The First Time)

"These are the best times" --- Bobby Goldsboro

Homemade music video to the 1973 Walt Disney Film "Superdad" Hard to find Main Theme to the Motion Picture. It starred the late ...


For educational purposes only and no copyright infringement intended. About the artist and the song: Bobby Goldsboro (born ...

Bobby Goldsboro ~ Watching Scotty Grow

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Bobby Goldsboro - Summer The First Time (1976 Show #6) / Shirley Bassey - Somebody Like Me (1972)

1976 (Shirley Bassey hosts Bobby Goldsboro on her 1976 TV Variety Series. In the first clip section, Bobby performs one of his ...

The Florrie, Liverpool on 20.11.16 - Clip 4872 by Jud. Bobby Goldsboro/Too many people

BOBBY GOLDSBORO - TO MANY PEOPLE The Florrie, Liverpool on 20.11.16 Soul Venue, Northern Soul dancers, Top Music ...

BOBBY GOLDSBORO - Look Around You (It's Christmas Time) (1968)

Our holiday mission is to unearth some great Christmas oldies that are oh so good to hear again!

Bobby Goldsboro - It's Too Late : Northern Soul

Bobby Goldsboro - It's Too Late, with some Northern Soul Video Clips A Side "Too Many People" ...

Honey I miss you Bobby Goldsboro

More songs by Bobby Goldsboro at See the tree how big it's grown But friend it ...

Bobby Goldsboro Shares Roy Orbison Story TNN

Celebrating the Music and Songs of Roy Orbison.

Marlena , Bobby Goldsboro , 1973

Written and recorded by Bobby Goldsboro Released December 1973 from the album 'Summer (The First Time)', it reached #52.

Bobby Goldsboro - Too Many People : Northern Soul

Bobby Goldsboro - Too Many People, with some Northern Soul video clips B Side "It's Too Late" ...

Today - Bobby Goldsboro (with lyrics)

Beautiful sceneries as clips.


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Bobby Goldsboro - The Straight Life

A pleasant hit for BG, albeit that rare hit that he did not write himself. It was written by Sonny Curtis, one of Buddy Holly's original ...

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